Remember when you started on your journey of self-exploration?


Your world may have exploded around you and all that you’d known, believed, hoped for suddenly looked a whole lot different. Change wasn't welcomed, but you were brave enough to walk that path and let it transform you. You had faith that sprinklings of stardust existed within the chaos of your life, even if you couldn’t quite see it.


Your perspective evolved. You awakened. And now here you stand, having embraced your conscious shift like a blissful badge of honor.


I am so proud of you.


Because I’ve walked that path too.


For the first 15 years of my life, I lived with an insistent burning inside me. But I suppressed it to fit in. (And let me tell you, that was no easy feat for someone who’s a Master Number 11, an Aries, AND born in the year of the tiger!).


Then my mom died and my whole world broke open.


It took me some time to see it, but her gift was in the time that we shared before she passed. She gave me permission to be 100% authentically me. Now I’m never going to show up any other way!


And, that’s why I need to call it as I see it.


If this is the first time you’ve met me, I’m Emma. An accidental scribe, millennial mystic, best-selling author and your new spiritual bestie!


My mission is to create a movement of awakened action-takers — spiritual activists who know it’s not enough to just sit on a meditation cushion worshipping selfies of headstands and smoothies. They’re ready to report for service in the art of awakened doing.


Because that deep sense of purpose you secretly desire; the one you were broken into star dust for, is just waiting for you to take action.


Which means, my dear soul, it needs to start with you…


I’ve got your back, so let’s do this!

"I dream that my work may speak to the men and women I stand shoulder to shoulder with — who, like me, want a better tomorrow."



"O.M.G. Emma's new book on modern, life-affirming spirituality makes me want to fake tattoo my arms in gold feathers and run off to elope with God. Her offering is a hilarious and sexy primer for anyone interested in getting started on the spiritual path.
With humor and rawness, Emma is like a goddessy-messenger-girlfriend who may just lead you to your inner guru."
(Katie Silcox, NY Times bestselling author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy)

“The essential tour guide for any aspiring soul searcher, Emma Mildon is an absolute guru at playfully expanding the consciousness of her readers while offering invaluable been-there-got-the-T-shirt spiritual guidance. Charming, witty, and undeniably wise, Emma’s ode to modern-day soul searching is the perfect way to discover nourishing New Age practices and open your mind to heartfelt spiritual illumination.”
(Cassandra Lane, editor of Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine)

“...Emma journeys through the world of spirituality, past lives and the power of dreams. With quotes from famous minds and a wisdom beyond the author’s years, this book is a gentle, loving guide that peers into the world of mysticism, wellness and mindfulness."
(Sharad P. Paul, author of Skin, A Biography and Dermocracy)

“A warm, whacky, practical guide to everything body-mind-soul.

Emma’s humorous approach to holistic living is both entertaining, informative and inspiring.”

(Phillip Mills, CEO of Les Mills International)

"Now there’s an antidote for those with incurable cases of wanderlust.

On your life journey, make sure you pack the soul searchers handbook. it will help you find your way."
(Jeff Krasno, founder Wanderlust Festival)

"Don’t even think about beginning your spiritual journey without this book! Emma went ahead of you on the path, took notes, and came back to tell you what’s out there. Her sharing will save you time, energy, and possibly embarrassment as you embark on the journey that is your lifetime."
(Krysta Gibson, New Spirit Journal publisher and author of Anything is Possible)

"Splitting her pants mid-yoga class so you don’t have to, Emma Mildon’s outrageously honest advice takes the fear out of stepping onto a spiritual path, soothing any anxieties over the odd ‘epic fail’ and arming readers with a wealth of grounded wisdom. Encompassing lashings of inspiration and first-hand experiences, heaps of humour and a whacking great dollop of wit, her light-hearted read reminds us that you don't have to lose your sense of humour on your quest to enlightenment—and had me giggling from start to finish."
(Rianna Fry, editor Soul & Spirit Magazine)

"World traveler and columnist Mildon has put together a compact, easy-to-read “everything you wanted to know” New Age spirituality book. She delves into aromatherapy, astrology, numerology, meditation, chakras, spiritual healing, and more for curious readers who wish to engage in holistic practices. Mildon explores universal wisdom and investigates what it would mean if people had the ability to heal and communicate through energy levels, crystals, and so forth. Suggestions, diagrams, and ten-point “woo-woo” scales work together to render a compelling read. VERDICT: One of the best New Age texts without being preachy."
(Reviewer: DEBORAH BIGELOW Library Journal)

"Mildon...puts her extensive search experiences to work in her compendium of new age spiritual growth techniques. Divided into sections addressing body, mind, and spirit, Mildon shares her personal efforts to employ such new age staples as crystals, aromatherapy, decoding dreams, numerology, and past life regression. Alongside in-depth descriptions of each practice, Mildon includes personal commentary on its usefulness, as well as a “woowoo” factor—a way she describes how far along the New Age spectrum the practice seems to be. Text boxes within sections urge the reader to “explore this” by suggesting specific resources to find and practices to try. The introduction is a useful guide to discovering what kind of soul searcher the reader might be, or might wish to become. Those wanting a dose of humor alongside their path will find in Mildon a kindred spirit and a companion for the search."
(Publishers Weekly)

Emma Mildon is the international bestselling author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, creator of Wabi Sabi Magazine, columnist, speaker and spiritual activist.


Named a 'true millennial mystic leader' by Huffington Post and 'the spiritual leader of the next generation' by mindbodygreen, her message — it takes awakened action today to move towards a transformed tomorrow — has inspired men and women around the world to activate their consciousness and contribute to global healing.


She has worked with and learned from medicine men, healers, psychics, authors, artists, activists, yogis throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and teaches people to love beyond boundaries.